Lou Manfredini

I was able to do 19 million in sales after working with Indeara in the Soul Mastery for Success Private 1 on 1, and my business and personal life changed for the better.

Rick Schadt

Jon and Indeara have skillfully and energetically guided me to let go of this straight line, logical, step by step mindset, and allow Spirit to enter my consciousness to provide higher vibrational thoughts, goals and actions. And as a result, extraordinary results have been showing up in my life.

Gregg Linhoff

I was struggling entrepreneur, and when I worked with the Soul Mastery for Success team, I experienced tremendous success. I landed deals for $100 million to build a most beautiful Spa Resort & Winery in San Diego, CA, for people to relax.

Lenore Gallucci

I lost weight, and changed to a healthier lifestyle with the Soul Mastery for Success Mastermind. And, it was a miracle. I got pregnant when I could not, and was trying for years. My career took of, I am now the proud mom of a beautiful baby girl.

Brian Wilson

Jon and Indeara, I’m very excited for this new and rapidly-evolving part of my journey. With your coaching, my career has excelled and our company has achieved the fastest fiber optic network in the world.