• SMS Platinum MM Blueprint done for you with our Team Angels
  • 7-figure online platform business blueprint done for you
  • 1 year long
  • Getting all of level 1 and 2
  • All-inclusive done for you package where we take the pain away from building your online 7-figure business platform
  • 1 year social media distribution
  • Done for you sales page
    • We will create for you a professional sales page. This is based on our training at the highest level where we’ve invested over a and over a decade of sales training from top names in the industry including Zig Ziglar, Dan Kennedy, Tony Robbins, Lisa Sasevich, Christian Mickelsen, Eban Pagen, Mike Filisane, Pam Hendrickson, Russ Ruffino, Frank Kern, and more.
  • Our sales team takes about 3-5 months to research and test the sales page for the effectiveness of sales and conversions to create a buyer.
  • Once our sales team has beta tested your sales conversions on your sales page, we will then build for you an Evergreen campaign.

Evergreen campaign

  • We will create an Evergreen campaign which makes it easier and more efficient for potential clients to view your webinar and enroll in your products and services.
  • Your webinar should provide value that your customer sees which allows them to then be willing to invest and go to the next step with you.
  • At the end of the webinar presentation our technical team will then direct your customer to a sales page where they can purchase your program or product. This can happen automatically while you’re sleeping, jogging, spending time with family, or doing whatever else you want to be doing.
  • This provides total freedom of time to generate an income so your business doesn’t have to close even if you are unable to work.

Our team will provide valuable analysis and feedback of your sales page performance

  • This will allow you to track the progress of your sales and marketing campaign on your sales page.
  • Our technical team will setup Google Analytics and Facebook Pixels which is an extensive process which requires Google and Facebook approval.
  • This is a very critical process requiring highly-specialized knowledge and training and expertise in Google and Facebook ads. Things must be done exactly and precisely with a trained team.
  • If this process is not done properly and professionally along with the laws and regulations you run the risk of having your Google and Facebook accounts shutdown preventing you from marketing to the public and sharing your message with the world.
  • We cover Adwords budget for 3 months at  and negotiable thereafter.

Million dollar brand image which gives you the credibility and authority so that you can make offers at premium prices and provides consistency for ultra-high end packages and offers which makes it easier for you to make premium sales

  • This creates customer loyalty and customer satisfaction because it is a reproducible process which helps you create systems in your business where you can eventually have an exit plan which will be very valuable in the marketplace which you can eventually sell if you chose to do so. This also creates stability and trust.
  • Video shoot in private in-home studio over a weekend

Setting up channels (YouTube, etc.)

  • <Add “stuff” here>
  • Value: Daily distribution to social media for constant relationship building to your clients

Book funnel

  • Custom landing page setup to attract highly-qualified leads to greatly-increase your opt ins
  • We help your customer’s get instant access to your book by entering in their name and e-mail for lead capture that can then be used to convert for sales of your books
  • We create a link for your customer’s to get a free copy of the eBook
  • We then guide your customer’s to a thank you page with a link that allows them to download a copy of your eBook
  • Our sales team will then create a sales page that will be connected to the link on the thank you page where we can then create the up sell for your customer to purchase the physical copy of your book on Amazon
  • Your customer’s will then go to your book page where they can purchase your book on Amazon with the opportunity to receive a bonus training of your choosing once they forward their receipt to an e-mail address that we will create for you.
  • We will setup a crowd grabber campaign for you which will allow you to do the following:
    • While you’re on stage, at a live event, on Facebook live, on a radio show, on a YouTube video, on a Google hangout, etc., your customer’s will be able to pull out their phone and text a number that we give you which allows them to receive a copy of your presentation automatically.
    • We will make it easy for you to get new leads and customers and generate a list of potential buyers.
    • We help you to create the white copy that allows you to grow your list of potential customer’s
  • We will create custom sales and marketing copy that has been used in successful product launches which has been used to generate over  in sales so that you can generate the revenue your business needs to give you total freedom of time and money
    • Our technical team will create an e-mail sequence for you which will be hosted with proprietary software such as Infusionsoft, Traffic Geyser, Instant Customer, Click Funnels, and Kajabi

Big Bonuses (Limited Time and Quantity Offer) for the first five customers only

  • Million Dollar Brand Video
  • We will do three days of training and filming utilizing valued at over in training worth of marketing and sales training
  • Training/Formula
  • Maria Andros – 6-Figure Video Impact – 7 steps video formula
  • Lisa Sasevich – Speak to Sell
  • Mike & Pam Koenig’s – Make Market Launch It
  • Jeff Walker – Product Launch Formula and Launch Club
  • Eban Pagen – Digital Product Blueprint

If we can show you how to generate a million dollars per year with an automated online platform, that is done-for-you, using our platform for 6 months, with the above services, would you be willing to invest in this program, with the knowledge, expertise, experience, and technical setup, with our trained team, where we handle all the headaches of the know how for you? If so, why would you invest?

  • In order to qualify for the Soul Mastery for Success Level 3 How to Create a 7 Figure Online Platform with a Blueprint for a Million Dollar Brand (done for you using our platform for six months). We have a few questions and an application process where we would love for you to speak with one of our million dollar coaches.
    • Are you a fast action taker, and are you motivated to get this done?
    • Are you willing to provide our team the information required, in a timely manner, to provide to our technical team, so that we can get it done for you?
    • Would you take personal responsibility for your success in the Soul Mastery For Success program?
    • Are you someone who would like to make an impact and difference in the world with charitable and social causes to make our world a better place?
    • Do you have 90 days for the system to be setup?
    • Do you have 60 days for the system to be tested for effectiveness in the market?
    • Are you willing to invest in marketing Adwords to test it?

Congratulations and welcome aboard, your investment for Soul Mastery for Success Level 3 Mastermind is:

  • total (12 payments of $5,000 per month
  • full pay option
  • limited time special offer (20% off)