Mind Power Mastermind Blueprint Done with you not our staff

You will be getting everything from Mind Power for success

Million dollar brand image which gives you the authority in the marketplace, so that you can make ultra-high end offers, at premium prices.

  • We will help you to craft an ultra-high end offer package
  • This provides consistency and brand recognition in the marketplace which makes it easier for you to make a sale and keep your customers long-term.
  • This creates customer loyalty and satisfaction, because it is a reproducible process.
  • This helps you to create systems in your business where you can have an exit plan.
  • This could prove very valuable in the marketplace, so that, if you ever chose to sell your business the brand would create stability and trust with your customers.

Mind Power for Success Private Mastermind Group

  • Weekly live Q & A calls
  • 24/7 access to our private mastermind Facebook group

We provide custom sales funnel with a step-by-step process to help you generate automated income which will allow you to free up more of your time

  • Custom landing page setup to attract highly-qualified leads to greatly-increase your customer opt-ins.
  • Our technical team will generate a free report which will provide valuable content so that your customer’s will stay loyal to you and want to move onto the next process.
  • The free report which can be easily downloaded is in a summary format so that your customers can easily join your e-mail list.
  • We will connect your landing page hosted on your CRM so that you can most efficiently track the statistics with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixels and know exactly where you customers are coming from and their exact demographics to save you a lot of time. And, also how effective your marketing campaign is, which in the long run saves you thousands and thousands of dollars in advertising.
  • We help you generate the copy for the sales funnel e-mail sequence that will then invite your customers and entice them to move from being interested in your services to entering the process towards becoming committed and a buyer.
  • Fully automated done-for-you sales process to take your customers from start to finish.

The automated webinar process (a model that has generated over $2 million in sales). This has amazing possibilities for you to leverage your time and money most effectively with the following:

  • Our company will help you generate a webinar that gathers all your potential customer’s in one place which will allow you to present to one or more customer’s in one hour versus you having to repeat the process for each customer. The webinar builds years of authority into a single presentation which will allow multiple people to purchase your product and highly-leverage your time.
  • We use proprietary software to help your customer’s register so they can view your webinar presentation either at a time you choose or a convenient time for them.
  • We will then help you to generate a webinar follow up e-mail sequence that will allow your customers to automatically register, and know the date and time as well as providing them with reminders to add to their personal calendar so that it increases the show up rate for your presentation.
  • The webinar model saves you a tremendous amount of time in business and leverages a platform to present to multiple customers at the same time.

We help you identify your ideal customer avatar (with an ultra-high end package offer). This is basically the perfect customer that you’re looking for and passionate about working with. And, that is the reason why we as entrepreneurs got into business in the first place.

  • Identifying your ideal customer avatar helps you to easily identify and locate that customer, and duplicate the process so that we can find many more of them for you in the market.
  • This eliminates the customer’s that are a “pain in the ass,” that none of us really got into business for ourselves to work with, and we don’t have to settle for a paycheck from those that we do not want to work with.
  • We help you to identify the ideal customer (based on age, gender, hobbies, interests, location, income, profession, and why they would be interested in your program or product).
  • That ideal customer would be the right fit for your business where everybody is happy and it is a long-term relationship with a win-win outcome.

We will help you to generate a referral system to grow your customer base to attract more ideal customer’s:

  • Referrals are one of the most powerful forms of marketing that make it simpler and easier for you to grow your customer base.
  • Our technical team will setup a system for referrals e-mail sequence that will do it for you automatically.

Big Bonuses (Limited Time Offer)

  • 1) We will help you to generate an evergreen campaign, once your webinar has sales conversions so that you can automatically earn money, even while you sleep, or doing whatever you love.
  • 2) Limited time offer you can leverage our team with a done-for-you model where we handle all the technical details and set it up for you, so that you are stress-free.
  • 3) We will take your customer’s from start to finish through a fully-automated follow up system so that when they are ready to buy, they buy from you.
    • Our technical team will provide you with a system with automated e-mail follow ups on a weekly and monthly basis that will help you to make more offers that will lead to more sales and revenues, and so that you don’t leave money on the table and lose out on valuable long-term relationships.
    • Basically, instead of chasing new customers all the time you can build relationship with existing ones that will provide you consistent referrals and help you to generate more income without having to spend extra dollars.
    • Social media distribution for 3 months
      • Our technical team will setup and maintain the primary social media pages including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and WordPress blog.
  • 4) Three (one hour) private one-on-one personal breakthrough sessions with a million dollar coach
    • Our one-on-one clients pay us $150K to work with us for 3 x 30-minute sessions/month

If we can show you how to generate a million dollars per year with an automated online platform, that is done-for-you, with the above services, would you be willing to invest in this program that is done for you, with the knowledge, expertise, experience, and technical setup, with our trained team, where we handle all the headaches of the know how for you? If so, why would you invest?

  • In order to qualify for the Soul Mastery for Success Level 2 How to Create a 7 Figure Online Platform with a Blueprint for a Million Dollar Brand (done for you) we have a few questions and an application process where we would love for you to speak with one of our million dollar coaches.
    • Why is this important for you?
    • re you a fast action taker, and are you motivated to get this done?
    • Are you willing to provide our team the information required, in a timely manner, to provide to our technical team, so that we can get it done for you?
    • Would you take personal responsibility for your success in the Soul Mastery For Success program?
    • Are you someone who would like to make an impact and difference in the world with charitable and social causes to make our world a better place?
    • Do you have 90 days for the system to be setup?
    • Are you willing to invest in marketing Adwords to test it?

Congratulations and welcome aboard.