the russian bride (2019)

The movie is actually a quick brand new scary mystery coming from writer-director Michael S. Ojeda (Avenged), stars Corbin Bernsen (Psych), Oksana Orlan, and also Kristina Pimenova. Youngster cover girl Pimenova, called “one of the most stunning woman around the world” through Women Daily journal in 2014, creates her component movie launching.


the russian bride (2019) , a youthful Russian girl (Orlan) as well as her little girl (Pimenova) that involve America to wed a secluded billionaire (Bernsen), however they quickly uncover he is actually a psycho along with ominous strategies as well as locates on their own defending their lifestyles.

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The motion picture premiered in 2015 at the Cinepocalypse Genre Film Festival and also was actually just recently the closing evening movie at Fantasporto. VMI Worldwide is actually managing worldwide purchases.

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Ojeda’s superordinary scary mystery Avenged ( also known as savaged), a retribution story regarding a lady reincarnated as the soul of an Apache enthusiast, was actually an essential as well as office favorite, dipping into Sitges, FrightFest, Screamfest, and also lots of various other celebrations prior to its own launch in 2015.

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The majority of the russian bride (2019) was actually shot at a famous property in Michigan. The soundtrack includes tunes through kept in mind author John Murphy (28 Days Later, Kick-Ass).

Jeff Miller (The Toybox) created the movie along with Philip Day, Stephen Gregory Curtis, Kimberley T. Zulkowski, and also Oksana Orlan. Manager Producers are actually Zulkowski, Gregory O’Gallagher, Guido Den Broeder, Henry Penzi, Glikeriya Pimenova, as well as Edward Sorokine. Co-Producers are actually Jason Gurvitz as well as Chris Nicoletti. Partner Producers are actually Kristy Ojeda, Allison Geddie, and also William Kalinak.


Bring house the russian bride (2019) on DVD March 19th.

Corbin Bernsen, John Murphy, Kristina Pimenova, Michael S. Ojeda, Oksana Orlan, the russian bride (2019) , mystery 2019

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– the russian bride (2019) – 2019.

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Đang phát: Phụ đề + Thuyết minhNgày cập nhật: 20-04-2019.
Đạo diễn: Michael S. Ojeda,.
Diễn viên: Corbin Bernsen, Oksana Orlan, Kristina Pimenova, Lisa Goodman, Michael Robert Brandon, Alison Korman, Keenan Johnston, Yefim Somin,,.
Thể loại: Phim lẻ, Chiếu rạp, Phim Kinh Dị,.
TAGS: cuộc hôn nhân đẫm máu, the russian bride (2019) ,.
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