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The Ultimate Program for a Mindset Shift: 8 Steps to Transform your life forever.


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Soul Mastery for Success MPFS Mastermind

Budgeting, accounting, complicance, legal, corp structure


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Soul Mastery for Success Gold Mastermind

SMS Gold MM Blueprint Done with you not our staff


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Soul Mastery for Success Platinum Mastermind

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Time To Push The "On" Button For Automated Income for Your Billionaire Mindset

Indeara Eastman, Co-founder of Soul Mastery for Success and Meaningful Wealthy Lifestyle. She is an international bestselling author, speaker, philanthropist, and humanitarian.

Indeara and her team are leading experts in the world for executive, leadership, business coaching and consulting. She is one of the top leaders in the world for business advisory services.

Indeara loves to work with heart and soul-centered entrepreneurs, who would like to make our world a better place. Her passion is to inspire leaders to express their inner voice, and share their message.

Why Choose Us?


We have created the new macbook psd version with scalable vector shapes.


We have created the new macbook psd version with scalable vector shapes.


We have created the new macbook psd version with scalable vector shapes.


Master your business skills that makes the economy function globally and is at the heart of every decision.


Learn advanced money management and investment strategies to create freedom with your time and money be able to retire financially whenever you wish.


Master the number one skill to create unlimited income possibility with the ultimate level of persuasion


Discover the most powerful way to promote your message and attract the best customers.


The ultimate program for a mindset shift on how to unblock your limiting beliefs, for freedom with time and money.

Mind Power For Success Mastermind

The Ultimate Program for a Mindset Shift: 8 Steps to Transform your life forever
How to get success, financial freedom, peace of mind & a healthy, wealthy lifestyle.

Presented by: Indeara Eastman, CEO

World Renowned Speakers

In the Soul Mastery for Success Gold Mastermind. We Will Cover The Top 8 Strategies. For a
Billionaire Mindset: World Renowned Speakers

Bob Circosta

Founder, Home Shopping Network

“The Billion Dollar Man” Bob Circosta is TV’s ORIGINAL Home Shopping host and helped create the multi-billion dollar TV home shopping industry.

Adam Markel

Founder of New Peaks

Adam Markel is a transformational teacher who inspires, empowers and guides people to live authentically, purposefully and powerfully from their hearts.

Bob Proctor


New York Times Best Selling book You Were Born Rich. World renowned speaker, teacher and expert on the mind, human potential and success.

Benefits of Soul Mastery For Success
$Million Platinum Mastermind:

  • We help you to grow your business income with a 10x mentality
  • You can live a life where you can travel and do what you love without your business holding you back
  • This amazing million-dollar platform will be created with your unique personality and brand image.
  • We will help you to focus with clarity so you can share your soul’s inner calling and make an impact in the world.
  • We will help you to build a 7-Figure Business Model that you absolutely love and attract customers that become raving fans.
  • We will help you to leverage your time with an automated online business system for recurring revenue.

Do you want a meaningful existence, inner peace, and total freedom with your time and money for a billionaire mindset?

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